Types of Massage and Face Toning Cupping, Facials

An example of Thai Massage


New! Facial Toning Massage - As we age, gravity gets the best of our skin, with wrinkles showing up a little more, as well as furrowed brows from feeling stress! This luxurious treatment is for you! Including hot steamed towels and soothing massage to the face and neck, tension will melt away. Therapeutically the facial muscles will become more toned, you'll see wrinkles start to decrease in appearance, and those puffy eyes and dark circles will decrease. Fabulous for those suffering from headaches and TMJ.


WORKPLACE RESCUE - This is one of my most popular massages. A moderate to deep massage focusing on the upper torso. From all the sitting you do every day at your desk and computer, this is the massage for you. I will work the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, face and scalp. If necessary I can include hot stones to help loosen knots of tension as well.

HEAD HEAVEN - Ever feel like you have a ton of tension in your head from everything you have to remember to just daily stress? This 45 min massage will cover the back followed by neck, face and scalp massage.

ATHLETE"S RELIEF - Lots of you are working hard for an event and the best way to stay ahead of injury and post event aches, is to get this massage. Within the massage you'll receive stretching, and we'll only focus on those areas that are working the hardest for you. Massage helps you recover faster from your training and events, so this is well worth the investment! Full hr. $80

Cupping - You've seen athletes and celebrities with their cupping marks, well now you can have your own too! Cupping is a really effective therapy that addresses trigger points and areas that are "stuck". The suction from the cups, allows fresh blood into areas, bringing new blood in, and flushing old toxins out. All very healthy and therapeutic. Another nice bonus, no pain with the technique so you get the benefits of a deep tissue in less time and sensation. Please hydrate well before and after each cupping session.

THAI Massage

For the past few years I have been practicing Thai massage, a different and very effective style of bodywork. Originally fron India and wildly popular in Thailand, thai massage has been used as a healing art for thousands of years. Thai massage incorporates stretching and muscle work making you feel very relaxed and elongated. Amazing work that is worth a try, especially for all you runners, cyclists and athletes.

Trigger Point Therapy

Ever feel like you have lots of knots in your shoulders or other areas? Typically these "knots" are trigger points that need to be addressed. Using sustained compression, we can make progress in loosening trigger points and alleviating the pain associated with them. Once you work these points, your range of motion will improve and pain will subside.


Long, fluid strokes that will put you at ease immediately. Release toxins from your muscles and get fresh, nutrient filled blood into them. Great choice for those who are very sore or who are new to massage. Typically pressure is light-medium.

Deep Tissue

If you’re looking to really work the muscles and like deep pressure, this is the massage for you. We’ll focus on areas that cause issues for you and work pressure points. Have knots or “ropey bands”? We’ll find them and try to work them out.


If you’re an athlete or are physically demanding on your body on a regular basis, this massage will be the best for you. With medium-deep pressure, we’ll focus on areas that you overuse, incorporate some stretching, and compressions. A mix of techniques are used in this massage.


Offered for all those pregnant women who are in need of a break! Whether you need to just relax or to alleviate discomfort from sciatica, low back pain, headaches, or other muscle-related ailments, massage is excellent for you and your baby.

Workshops and Trainings Attended

Trigger Point Therapy with Cathy Cohen of Beyond Trigger Points

Specifically for the low back and hips. My back never felt better than after this class.

Once trigger points are released you will have increased range of motion and less pain.

Completed THAI Massage Level I and II with Rick Haesche

I can't say enough about this bodywork...stretching combined with rhythmic pressure

to the muscles and you feel like a million bucks after. The thai have practiced this for centuries.

Orthopedic Massage with Whitney Lowe

  • upper extremity and lower extremity
  • very specific training which is important with unique issues and diagnoses

Myofascial Release with the Core Institute

  • excellent work for athletes!
  • Deep work that will help stretch tight and bound up fascia

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

A different way to stretch that is based on the work of Aaron Mattes. Excellent for gaining flexibility and stretching muscles that haven't been in a loooong time. Some stretches are included in a massage session. For more information on AIS go to www.stretchingusa.com